CMER is known for its expeditious application process. While many joint providership companies take a minimum of two months for the approval process, CMER's average turnaround time for application approval is three weeks. 

  CMER also works closely with our clients throughout the application and post meeting processes in order to ensure the client's full understanding of ACCME regulations and compliance issues. Additionally, CMER does not impose any rules or regulations on joint providers that are not mandated by the ACCME. This ensures that our clients have as much freedom in planning their CME activities as possible.  

The following is a summary of services provided and reviews conducted by CMER in conjunction with the process of jointly providing your activity:

· Processing of activity application

· Review and approval of needs assessment documentation

· Review and approval of learning objectives

· Review and approval of all promotional material

· Review of faculty disclosure and commercial support documentation and acknowledgements in program material

· Review and approval of activity agenda

· Counting and designation of CME credits

· Review and approval of evaluation forms

· Review of activity budget and final financials

· On-going correspondence with joint provider regarding procedures and regulations associated with the joint providership process

· Collection and retention of post meeting files as laid out in the providership guidelines to be kept for ACCME review.

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